Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day (Rainy) Weekend

Can you tell by the first picture what kind of weekend we had. I love Crocs especially for rainy, wet, muddy activities.

After two bad experiences at Raccoon Holler we still decided to give it another try. We still love the area of course and it wasn't the campgrounds fault that my husband was run over by a dump truck last Memorial Day and we got the Stomach Flu over Labor Day. This time it was fun, but very rainy. It rained every night through most of the night then on and off the three days we were there. That wasn't going to stop us though and each time we got out to do something it stopped raining enough for us to enjoy what we were doing and start again as soon as we were done.

Bryce entered the kids fishing tournament and won the award for catching the most fish - 5 total. The picture of him holding one, he does not have a cigarette, just a dum dum lollipop. We also hung out with Daddy-D, his family and friends again. One couple has a seasonal site and has done a wonderful job of decorating as you can see by one of the pictures. The tree house even has a t.v. Very cute and fun to hang out there and of course you can't beat the company.

We discovered the greenway in Boone which I highly recommend and Bryce was able to ride his bike without training wheels for 3.9 miles on it! Not without a few crashes due to butterfly or bug distractions along the way. We also found a nice little beach area along the new river to throw rocks and catch water bugs. All in all I think the kids had great memories and we had a nice relaxing time. Helps that I love to listen to the sound of rain.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2009 Camping Season started off great!

I can't believe its already April and we haven't been camping since Labor Day. Where does the year go? I was not too thrilled about this trip due to a major women's event I was helping out with at church the day we left. I was extremely exhausted, but knew it would be good for my family and I'm glad I decided to go. We left Saturday night which was beautiful and headed out to Falls Lake. The area we camped in was filled with kids our kids ages and they had a blast playing until it was time to go to bed.

The next day we hung around and Bryce tried to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels as you see from the pictures. He did succeed starting and stopping by himself by Monday morning. Bryce also spent some time fishing with his new pole and lets not forget Stacy with her new Princess pole. I casted a little too hard for her out in the water and broke the line. Ooops so she decided she would stab the fish to get them instead - as if her talking didn't scare them away already.

Of course we did smore's thanks to Campfire brand marshmallows who sent me two free 1 1lb bags just for asking for coupons. Bryce likes his nice and burnt. The doctors would have fun with that one I'm sure.

Monday morning rained of course, but cleared up enough for us to enjoy most of the morning and for Bryce to catch his first fish. He also caught a lizard that stayed alive amazingly for 24 hours. That lizard kept both of them occupied for quite a while.

Oh the joys of kids in nature - just makes my life SOOOO much easier. Especially the eating outside part.